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Multi-Purpose Rooms: The Top Design Trend of 2021

by Pure RealtyJanuary 13, 2021

For nearly a year now, we have spent more time at home than ever. In this time, we have learned a lot about our houses: the places we feel safe, the places we feel comfortable, the spots that feel cramped, the places that help us be productive (or not).

We learned a lot about our homes’ potentials, and as a result, multi-purpose rooms surged in popularity (if not necessity!)

Here are a few ways you can add an extra element or two to your rooms.

Bring Your Daily Routine Into Your House

You probably had a routine that went something like:

coffee, office, gym, home.

If you are now working from home indefinitely, turn your home office or spare bedroom into space for all of these activities. It’s as if the outside world has put itself tastefully in one room.

On one side of the room, you’ll have your desk, shelving, laptop, etc. Even a coffee pot, if that’s a big part of your day. On the other side, neatly set up your home gym.

Separate the two spots with a rug to help keep the room organized. Keep the desk and shelving on a large area rug and the equipment on the original floor, or vice-versa.

Make Your Bedroom Your Studio

When it comes to maximizing a space, it’s literally all about the space.

Invest in furniture that can be folded and put away, like a Murphy bed. Next, install storage along the walls, but grow vertically. By stacking higher, rather than wider, you’re saving on floor space.

Use decorative baskets or bold-colored shelving keep all your art supplies organized, while still looking stylish.

So when you get out of bed in the morning, pick it on up and get to work. When it’s time to rest, tidy up your supplies, lower your bed, and call it a day!

Bring the Dining Room Into the Kitchen

The concept of having a dining room table in the kitchen is not new, but we wanted to remind you of the potential! Keeping the dining room table in the kitchen can free up space in the “dining room,” which means it can serve another purpose. The dining room table in the kitchen can also act as an island, giving you more space to prepare your favorite meals!

How are you maximizing your space at home?

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