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7 Holiday Housekeeping Hacks

by Pure RealtyNovember 18, 2020

With Thanksgiving already next week, Christmas and Hanukkah right after, and before you know it, the New Year to round it off, there is going to be a lot of cooking and cleaning! Even if it is just your household or a socially distanced gathering…

We’ve put together some housekeeping hacks that can help you sail through this season, and take into the years to come!

Tip #1) To more easily clean your oven, fill a casserole dish up with water and put it in a 350°F oven. The heat and water will steam up the interior, so all you have to do is go in with a paper towel and wipe it all down.

Tip #2) Prepare a cleaning kit in advance of any dinners or get-togethers. In a cute caddy, keep basic supplies out and accessible for spontaneous spills and messes. By doing this, messes can be cleaned faster and you won’t be scrambling trying to find the cleaner under the sink!

Tip #3) Set up cleaning and sanitizing stations throughout your celebration space. If you’re outside, set up a few sanitizing stations, stacks of disposable masks, and trashcans around the perimeter. If you are having a small gathering indoors, keep cleaning supplies, stacks of disposable masks, and sanitizer in commonly-used areas like the bathroom.

Tip #4) Rather than burn candles in the bathrooms, invest in a diffuser and let natural, warm scents like cinnamon essential oil fill the air. This can prove less hazardous if there are kids or a clumsy uncle around.

Tip #5) Implement a 2-mat system: a heavy duty mat outside the door and a cute (but durable) mat on the inside of the door. Go the extra step by asking any guests to remove their shoes. This should help protect the floors!

Tip #6) Only clean what people may see. Again, if you’re hosting a gathering outdoors, turn your attention to your landscaping and the route to the bathroom. If you are indoors, only worry about shared spaces– don’t worry about your bedroom or washroom!

Tip #7) Don’t forget about your fridge! With all the cooking and food prep, there could be some spills that you don’t want to take into 2021. Make sure you clean your fridge before you start preparing any food. Then take some steps to make sure it stays organized and clean: install a lazy Susan, line the shelves, and make sure your cleaning supplies are nearby for a quick clean-up when something spills– none of that “I’ll get to it later!”

While this year’s holiday season won’t be the same, we can still do our best to celebrate, give thanks, and share love– safely. To prepare for a COVID-conscious Thanksgiving, you can check out our post from last week. If you decide to host some celebration, these hacks can help give you some peace of mind! And if not, you can always rely on them next year!

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